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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Visiting Team vs. Home TeamTime (ET)SD ChannelHD Channel
Wisconsin at Rutgers12:00 pm206206
East Carolina at Temple12:00 pm207207
Maryland at Penn State12:00 pm209209
Oklahoma at Iowa State12:00 pm219219
Central Florida at Connecticut12:00 pm221221
Northwestern at Iowa12:00 pm610610
Louisiana Monroe at Texas A&M12:00 pm611611
Central Connecticut St. at Bryant12:00 pm788 
Virginia at Georgia Tech12:30 pm208
Princeton at Cornell12:30 pm608 
North Carolina at Miami12:30 pm789 
Boston College at Virginia Tech12:30 pm790 
Lafayette College at Bucknell1:00 pm791 
Liberty at Presbyterian College2:00 pm792 
North Carolina State at Syracuse3:00 pm793 
Purdue at Nebraska3:30 pm209209
Texas Christian University at West Virginia3:30 pm209-1209-1
Brigham Young at Middle Tennessee State3:30 pm221221
Indiana at Michigan3:30 pm610610
Indiana at Michigan3:30 pm610-1610-1
South Dakota State at North Dakota State3:30 pm788 
Sacred Heart at Wagner3:30 pm789 
Houston at South Florida4:00 pm207207
Kansas at Baylor4:00 pm219219
Kentucky at Missouri4:00 pm611611
Stephen F. Austin State at Sam Houston4:00 pm790 
Texas at New Mexico State4:00 pm791 
Auburn at Mississippi7:00 pm206206
Old Dominion at Vanderbilt7:00 pm208
Colorado State at San Jose State7:00 pm221221
Houston Baptist at Lamar7:00 pm792 
Arkansas at Mississippi State7:15 pm209209
Texas at Texas Tech7:30 pm219219
Tennessee at South Carolina7:30 pm611611
Illinois at Ohio State8:00 pm788 
Oklahoma State at Kansas State8:00 pm789 
Arizona at UCLA10:30 pm206206
San Diego State at Nevada10:30 pm221221
Wyoming at Fresno State10:45 pm209209
Utah at Arizona State11:00 pm219219

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Visiting Team vs. Home TeamTime (ET)SD ChannelHD Channel
Toledo at Kent8:00 pm208
Bowling Green at Akron8:00 pm209209

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Visiting Team vs. Home TeamTime (ET)SD ChannelHD Channel
Buffalo at Ohio8:00 pm208
Northern Illinois University at Ball State8:00 pm209209

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Visiting Team vs. Home TeamTime (ET)SD ChannelHD Channel
Clemson at Wake Forest7:30 pm206206
Bethune Cookman at Norfolk State7:30 pm208 

Friday, November 7, 2014

Visiting Team vs. Home TeamTime (ET)SD ChannelHD Channel
Fordham at Bucknell6:30 pm221221
Memphis at Temple7:30 pm208
Utah State at Wyoming8:00 pm209209

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Visiting Team vs. Home TeamTime (ET)SD ChannelHD Channel
Georgia at Kentucky12:00 pm206206
Wisconsin at Purdue12:00 pm208
Iowa at Minnesota12:00 pm209209
Baylor at Oklahoma12:00 pm219219
Southern Methodist at Tulsa12:00 pm221221
Penn State at Indiana12:00 pm610610
Presbyterian College at Mississippi12:00 pm611611
Wagner at Robert Morris12:00 pm788 
Yale at Brown12:30 pm608 
Richmond at Maine12:30 pm608-1 
Georgia Tech at North Carolina State12:30 pm789 
Duke at Syracuse12:30 pm790 
West Chester at East Stroudsburg1:00 pm791 
Wofford at Tennessee-Chattanooga1:00 pm792 
Columbia at Harvard1:00 pm793 
Tulane at Houston3:30 pm208
Michigan at Northwestern3:30 pm209209
West Virginia at Texas3:30 pm219219
Penn at Princeton3:30 pm220220
Connecticut at Army3:30 pm221221
Tennessee Martin at Mississippi State4:00 pm611611
Lamar at Central Arkansas4:00 pm788 
West Alabama at Mississippi College4:00 pm789 
Virginia at Florida State6:30 pm206206
Hawaii at Colorado State7:00 pm208
UCLA at Washington7:00 pm219219
Boise State at New Mexico7:00 pm221221
Florida Atlantic at North Texas7:00 pm608-1 
Florida at Vanderbilt7:30 pm611611
Louisiana-Lafayette at New Mexico State8:00 pm788 
Oregon at Utah10:00 pm206206
San Jose State at Fresno State10:30 pm221221

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Visiting Team vs. Home TeamTime (ET)SD ChannelHD Channel
Akron at Buffalo8:00 pm208
Toledo at Northern Illinois University8:00 pm209209
Southwestern Oklahoma at Oklahoma8:00 pm608-1 

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Visiting Team vs. Home TeamTime (ET)SD ChannelHD Channel
Ball State at U Mass8:00 pm208
Kent at Bowling Green8:00 pm209209

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Visiting Team vs. Home TeamTime (ET)SD ChannelHD Channel
East Carolina at Cincinnati7:00 pm209 
Bethune Cookman at Hampton7:30 pm208 
Southern Mississippi at Texas San Antonio8:00 pm221221
California at USC9:00 pm206206

Friday, November 14, 2014

Visiting Team vs. Home TeamTime (ET)SD ChannelHD Channel
Tulsa at Central Florida8:00 pm209209

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Visiting Team vs. Home TeamTime (ET)SD ChannelHD Channel
Clemson at Georgia Tech12:00 pm206206
Virginia Tech at Duke12:00 pm208
Temple at Penn State12:00 pm209209
Army at Western Kentucky Univ.12:00 pm221221
Iowa at Illinois12:00 pm610610
South Carolina at Florida12:00 pm611611
Shippensburg at Mercyhurst12:00 pm788 
Bryant at Sacred Heart12:00 pm789 
Wofford at Furman12:00 pm790 
James Madison at Richmond12:30 pm220220
Cornell at Columbia12:30 pm608 
Pittsburgh at North Carolina12:30 pm791 
Indiana State at Youngstown State2:00 pm792 
Texas Christian University at Kansas3:00 pm219219
Northern Iowa at Southern Ill3:00 pm788 
Monmouth at Coastal Carolina3:00 pm789 
Wake Forest at North Carolina State3:00 pm793 
Oklahoma at Texas Tech3:30 pm206206
Memphis at Tulane3:30 pm208
Georgia Southern at Navy3:30 pm221221
Indiana at Rutgers3:30 pm610610
Indiana at Rutgers3:30 pm610-1610-1
Charleston Southern at Liberty3:30 pm790 
New Mexico at Utah State4:00 pm207207
Kentucky at Tennessee4:00 pm611611
McNeese State at Southeastern Louisiana4:00 pm791 
UNLV at Brigham Young7:00 pm208
Auburn at Georgia7:15 pm206206
Missouri at Texas A&M7:30 pm611611
Louisiana State at Arkansas8:00 pm209209
South Florida at Southern Methodist8:00 pm221221
Michigan State at Maryland8:00 pm610610
North Texas at Texas El Paso10:00 pm219219
San Diego State at Boise State10:15 pm208
Arizona State at Oregon State10:30 pm206206

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Visiting Team vs. Home TeamTime (ET)SD ChannelHD Channel
Northern Illinois University at Ohio8:00 pm208

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Visiting Team vs. Home TeamTime (ET)SD ChannelHD Channel
Kent at Buffalo8:00 pm208
Bowling Green at Toledo8:00 pm209209

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Visiting Team vs. Home TeamTime (ET)SD ChannelHD Channel
Kansas State at West Virginia7:00 pm219219
North Carolina at Duke7:30 pm206206
Arkansas State at Texas9:30 pm208

Friday, November 21, 2014

Visiting Team vs. Home TeamTime (ET)SD ChannelHD Channel
Texas El Paso at Rice8:00 pm219219
San Jose State at Utah State9:30 pm209209
Air Force at San Diego State9:30 pm221221

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Visiting Team vs. Home TeamTime (ET)SD ChannelHD Channel
Minnesota at Nebraska12:00 pm206206
Southern Methodist at Central Florida12:00 pm207207
Northwestern at Purdue12:00 pm208
Kansas at Oklahoma12:00 pm219219
Fordham at Army12:00 pm221221
Indiana at Ohio State12:00 pm610610
Rutgers at Michigan State12:00 pm610-1610-1
Eastern Kentucky at Florida12:00 pm610-2 
Charleston Southern at Georgia12:00 pm611611
Eastern Kentucky at Florida12:00 pm611-1
South Alabama at South Carolina12:00 pm788 
Robert Morris at Duquesne12:00 pm789 
Miami at Virginia12:30 pm209209
Yale at Harvard12:30 pm220 
Virginia Tech at Wake Forest12:30 pm790 
Louisiana Tech at Old Dominion1:00 pm608 
Liberty at Coastal Carolina1:00 pm791 
Bethune Cookman at Florida A & M2:00 pm614 
Indiana State at Western Illinois2:00 pm792 
Bethune Cookman at Florida A & M2:00 pm793 
Savannah St at Brigham Young3:00 pm374 
Arizona at Utah3:30 pm206206
Syracuse at Pittsburgh3:30 pm208
Wisconsin at Iowa3:30 pm209209
Boston College at Florida State3:30 pm209-1209-1
New Hampshire at Maine3:30 pm220220
Lehigh at Lafayette College3:30 pm221221
Maryland at Michigan3:30 pm610610
Maryland at Michigan3:30 pm610-2610-2
Youngstown State at North Dakota State3:30 pm788 
Georgia State at Clemson3:30 pm789 
South Florida at Memphis4:00 pm207207
Stanford at California4:00 pm219219
Western Carolina at Alabama4:00 pm611611
Louisiana Monroe at New Mexico State4:00 pm790 
Missouri State at Northern Iowa5:00 pm792 
Samford at Auburn7:00 pm208
Missouri at Tennessee7:30 pm206206
Richmond at William & Mary7:30 pm220220
Vanderbilt at Mississippi State7:30 pm611611
Cincinnati at Connecticut8:00 pm221221
Boise State at Wyoming10:15 pm209209
Fresno State at Nevada10:30 pm208

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Visiting Team vs. Home TeamTime (ET)SD ChannelHD Channel
Louisiana State at Texas A&M7:30 pm206206
Texas Christian University at Texas7:30 pm219219

Friday, November 28, 2014

Visiting Team vs. Home TeamTime (ET)SD ChannelHD Channel
Northern Illinois University at Western Michigan11:00 am208
Central Florida at South Florida12:00 pm209209
Western Kentucky Univ. at Marshall12:00 pm219219
Houston at Southern Methodist12:00 pm221221
Colorado State at Air Force3:30 pm221221
Virginia at Virginia Tech8:00 pm206206
East Carolina at Tulsa8:30 pm208

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Visiting Team vs. Home TeamTime (ET)SD ChannelHD Channel
South Carolina at Clemson12:00 pm206206
Cincinnati at Temple12:00 pm207207
Illinois at Northwestern12:00 pm208
Kentucky at Louisville12:00 pm209209
West Virginia at Iowa State12:00 pm219219
Rice at Louisiana Tech12:00 pm221221
Purdue at Indiana12:00 pm610610
Georgia Tech at Georgia12:00 pm611611
Sacred Heart at Fordham12:00 pm788 
North Carolina State at North Carolina12:30 pm789 
Syracuse at Boston College12:30 pm790 
Morgan State at Richmond1:00 pm791 
Indiana State at Eastern Kentucky1:00 pm792 
Southeastern Louisiana at Sam Houston2:00 pm793 
Florida at Florida State3:30 pm206206
Rutgers at Maryland3:30 pm208
Michigan State at Penn State3:30 pm209209
San Jose State at San Diego State3:30 pm221221
Minnesota at Wisconsin3:30 pm610610
Minnesota at Wisconsin3:30 pm610-1610-1
Connecticut at Memphis4:00 pm207207
Kansas at Kansas State4:00 pm219219
Tennessee at Vanderbilt4:00 pm611611
South Dakota State at Montana State4:00 pm788 
San Diego at Montana4:00 pm789 
Liberty at James Madison4:00 pm790 
Wake Forest at Duke7:00 pm208
Pittsburgh at Miami7:00 pm209209
Auburn at Alabama7:45 pm206206
Auburn at Alabama7:45 pm611611
Stephen F. Austin State at Northern Iowa8:00 pm788 
Utah State at Boise State10:15 pm209209
Nevada at UNLV10:30 pm208
Washington at Washington State10:30 pm219219

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